April 18, 2022

Take Your Wedding Catering Beyond the Buffet

When you start to think about food for your wedding day, you probably spend most of your time thinking about whether you should offer chicken, beef or perhaps pasta to your guests. Do more people prefer carrots or green beans? What type of salad or bread will compliment the meal for your guests? Those are all important questions when planning your wedding catering menu, but there is so much more that your caterer can offer when it comes to delicious food for you and your guests to enjoy on your big day. From brunch or treats for the bridal party while they primp and prepare for the day, all the way to some scrumptious late night snacks to fuel your dance party all the way to the end of the night, Hudson’s Edge has amazing offerings to get you through your big day in the most delicious way. 

Bridal Party Snacks

First, let’s talk about snacks for your bridal party. Chances are, you and your crew are going to be spending the morning and straight through lunchtime getting yourselves ready for the big event. This requires snacks. We offer a bridal party snacks menu full of delicious sandwiches, nibbles and treats for you to graze on as you are getting ready for your day. Maybe the ladies would like some charcuterie, finger sandwiches and cream puffs to enjoy with your morning mimosas. Or the groom and his crew could enjoy some candied bacon, Buffalo chicken dip and brownies to fuel them through lunchtime. Whatever you need to get you through the day, we can help you out. 

On to Appetizers

Following the ceremony, your guests are going to be looking for a snack to enjoy during your social or cocktail hour. Usually, you and your bridal party are having pictures taken or getting yourselves freshened up for the reception while your guests dig into drinks and appetizers. Depending on the time of year here in Ohio, you may want to offer hot appetizers and drinks for folks to warm up or perhaps they would like some cool, refreshing options if they’ve just been out in the warm sun enjoying a beautiful outdoor ceremony. The Columbus area offers a wide variety of venues from picturesque rustic barn venues to elegant indoor event spaces. We can fit our catering displays to fit in with any type of venue or decor. No matter what the weather, your guests will thank you for a variety of tasty bites to enjoy with their cocktails.

Beyond the Bar Beverages

Most couples make plans for their bar, but maybe don’t think much about other drink offerings for their guests. In addition to the usual bar menu, sometimes it’s fun to add something interesting to your drink options. A hot chocolate bar or hot apple cider can be a fun option for your guests. Especially on a cold fall evening in Ohio, guests love to warm up with a hot cocoa. Especially if you are looking for options for children or other guests who would like a non-alcoholic beverage, they can enjoy a hot cocoa, coffee or hot tea bar. On the other hand, if you are planning a summer wedding, perhaps your guests would enjoy a refreshing fruit infused water to cool themselves off. The options are endless and a fun beverage station can add a special touch to your day that your guests will enjoy and remember. 

Delicious Desserts

Many of our couples these days are opting to give their guests a beautiful selection from a dessert bar rather than the traditional wedding cake. This option is so fun, so pretty and so delicious. Our pastry chef at Hudson’s Edge Catering has put together a dessert menu to die for. You can choose a variety of desserts to display, such as colorful French macarons & mini cupcakes, light fruit tarts & cream puffs or delectable brownies, cookies and even chocolate covered strawberries. A dessert bar allows you to offer something for everyone to enjoy!

Late Night Noshes

When your guests find themselves dancing and partying the night away, they will love to have some late night fuel to keep them going. When that delicious dinner was hours ago, we can bring out some fresh hot queso, mini burgers or warm chocolate chip cookies to keep the life in your party all the way until last call. There are so many fun and unique treats to offer your wedding guests all throughout the day to make your special day an event to remember. Hudson’s Edge is happy to work with you to provide for all of your wedding catering needs from start to finish. Our team will work with you to come up with a stellar menu to keep you and your guests fed and focused on celebration. Happy Planning!

Curbside Market

In support of our local community, Hudson’s Edge proudly offers a unique and satisfying dining experience in the comfort of your home with a weekly carry-out menu of take & bake and fresh items.


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