About Hudson's Edge

Our goal is always to provide a positive, memorable experience for our clients and their guests. “Elegant occasions. Memorable events.” – the foundation of Hudson’s Edge Catering.

Hudson’s Edge was born in the fall of 2014 in the small town of London, Ohio. Since then, our skills, team, and passion for the food and events industry has grown with each client we’ve had the pleasure to share experience with. Bryan Wilson, founder and leader of our local, family-owned venture, is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America Located in the Hudson Valley of upstate New York. Much of our cuisine background and techniques are modeled from the upstate area. Upon gaining experience in the high-end food and event business, Bryan returned to his hometown  in hopes of being an “Edge” above the rest. Our goal is always to provide a positive, memorable experience for our clients and their guests.  “Elegant occasions. Memorable events.” – the foundation of Hudson’s Edge Catering.

Meet the team that makes everything possible. We are fortunate to work with an extraordinary group of individuals bringing unique and diverse skills to our client! Currently, our team consists of an executive chef, culinary cooks, an executive pastry chef, sanitation service providers, full-service wedding planners, trained bartenders, on-call event staff, sales team members, administration staff and event delivery personnel. We strive to make your experience outstanding, from beginning to end. With exceptional menu items, personalized preparation and customized service,  Hudson’s Edge provides energy and execution beyond our competition. Our attention to detail and ability to complete a successful event is all due to the experience and passion our owner and general manger have instilled into our team and business


Bryan Wilson

Owner & Founder, Executive Chef

Bryan Wilson, Owner and Founder of Hudson's Edge, is also the Executive Chef, bringing a wealth of expertise and passion to the culinary team.   He's a distinguished culinary professional and a proud graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, located in the Hudson Valley of upstate New York. With a solid foundation in high-end cuisine and event management, Bryan's expertise significantly shapes the culinary direction at Hudson's Edge, where much of the cuisine background and techniques are modeled from the vibrant upstate area.
After gaining valuable experience in the high-end food and event business, Bryan returned to his hometown with a vision of being an “Edge” above the rest. His passion for providing exceptional experiences and farm-to-table quality meals is evident in every event he oversees. Bryan's dedication to excellence ensures that each dish not only meets but exceeds the expectations of our clients and guests.
As Hudson's Edge approaches its 10th anniversary in October 2024, Bryan's leadership continues to drive the success and reputation of the business.  Elevating our offerings, making every event a memorable culinary journey. His commitment to quality and innovation positions Hudson's Edge as a leader in the industry, celebrating a decade of success and culinary artistry.

Judy Wilson

Owner & Founder, Accounting

Judy Wilson is the Owner and Founder of Hudson's Edge, bringing nearly a decade of dedication and passion to the business. With a rich background in customer service spanning over 35 years, Judy's experience includes roles in banking, law enforcement, and restaurant management. Her deep-rooted skills in these areas ensure exceptional client care and operational efficiency.
For years, Judy has worked alongside her family in planning and executing family weddings, from decorating to cooking. This lifelong passion for creating memorable events inspired her to offer the same high-quality service to others.
Judy's role at Hudson's Edge is multifaceted. As the accounting lead, she ensures the financial health of the business. Additionally, she takes great joy in collaborating with her son, Bryan, to grow Hudson's Edge, incorporating cherished family recipes into the menu. Their combined strengths and dedication have been instrumental in the company's success.
Since its inception almost 10 years ago, Judy's unwavering commitment and expertise have been vital to Hudson's Edge, making her an invaluable part of our team.

Jessica Dunham

General Manager, Event Coordinator

Jessi Dunham is a versatile and dedicated professional who has been an invaluable member of Hudson's Edge for 5 years. Throughout her tenure, Jessi has excelled in numerous roles, including wedding coordinator, server, bartender, event manager, dishwasher, kitchen helper, sales representative, HR manager, and administrative assistant. Her willingness to take on any task, no matter how big or small, showcases her commitment to the team's success and her adaptability in a dynamic environment.  With her wide range of skills and dedication to the team, it was only fitting that she was recently promoted to General Manager in 2024.
Jessi's exceptional organizational skills are her greatest asset, enabling her to seamlessly coordinate weddings and manage events with precision. Whether it's scheduling staff, double-checking event details, or creating comprehensive spreadsheets, Jessi ensures that every aspect of an event runs smoothly and efficiently. Her meticulous attention to detail and ability to keep the widespread team aligned are key factors in the consistent success of Hudson's Edge events.
With a hands-on approach and a deep understanding of the various facets of event management, Jessi Dunham is a cornerstone of our team, driving excellence and ensuring that every event is executed flawlessly.

Christyn Martin

Sales Manager, Event Coordinator

With over 15 years of experience in the hospitality industry and more than 5 years at Hudson's Edge, Christyn Martin is a seasoned wedding professional known for her exceptional skills and dedication. Her friendly, caring, and outgoing personality enables her to communicate effectively with couples, parents, and vendors, fostering a collaborative and enjoyable planning process.
Christyn's ability to think quickly and critically in high-stress situations ensures that any challenges on the big day are handled with grace and efficiency. She is passionate about bringing a couple's vision to life, paying meticulous attention to every detail to create a seamless and memorable wedding experience.
Highly efficient and organized, Christyn excels at prioritizing tasks to ensure everything runs smoothly. Her commitment to client satisfaction is evident in her prompt responses to questions and concerns, making her a trusted and considerate partner for every wedding.
At Hudson's Edge, Christyn's expertise, passion, and unwavering dedication contribute to creating unforgettable moments and joyous occasions for all the couples she works with.

Nicole McCrate

Sales & Marketing Associate, Event Coordinator

Nicole McCrate, the newest member of the Hudson's Edge team, joined us in the fall of 2023. She first connected with Bryan and the Hudson's Edge team while serving as the Director at a prominent wedding venue in the Columbus area, where Hudson's Edge was a preferred catering partner. Over the years, Nicole and the team developed a strong working relationship, which eventually led to her joining Hudson's Edge as our Sales & Marketing Associate and Event Coordinator.
With 13 years of experience in the hospitality industry, Nicole brings a wealth of knowledge and a dynamic skill set to our team. Her expertise spans sales, marketing, venue management, wedding and event coordination, and catering. Nicole is instrumental in expanding our reach by securing new wedding venues for us to cater and managing all marketing efforts, including our website presence, social media, and marketing events such as open houses and styled shoots.
Nicole's comprehensive background and dedication enhance our team's capabilities, ensuring that Hudson's Edge continues to deliver exceptional service and memorable experiences to all our clients.

Beth Schmidt-Wilson

Sous Chef & Provisioner

Beth Schmidt-Wilson is the talented Sous Chef & Provisioner at Hudson's Edge Catering, bringing a wealth of expertise and dedication to our culinary team. Known for her exceptional leadership and communication skills, Beth effectively guides and inspires our kitchen staff, ensuring a collaborative and productive environment.
Beth excels in maintaining kitchen organization and managing food orders, which keeps our operations running smoothly. Her ability to stay calm and collected during busy times ensures that we consistently deliver high-quality dishes, no matter the circumstances.
A cornerstone of our kitchen team, Beth's reliability and dedication to her position are unmatched. She puts in the hours necessary to complete daily tasks efficiently and correctly, contributing significantly to the success of Hudson's Edge Catering.

Kay Sifrit

Sous & Pastry Chef

Kay Sifrit is a dedicated Sous and Pastry Chef at Hudson's Edge, whose journey with the company began when her nephew, Bryan, started the business. Initially assisting during evenings and weekends while maintaining a full-time job elsewhere, Kay transitioned to a full-time role as Sous Chef six years ago and expanded her expertise to become Pastry Chef two years later.
Kay's introduction to the hospitality industry coincided with the inception of Hudson's Edge, and she has since honed her culinary skills under Bryan's guidance. Her duties include creating delectable, fully homemade and hand-crafted desserts, prepping pastas, and preparing hot appetizers. Additionally, Kay assists in running the line on event days, ensuring that every dish meets their high standards.
A testament to her strong work ethic, Kay and her sister Judy often work late into the night, sometimes until 1 or 2 am, to oversee the kitchen and their night crew. Kay's unwavering commitment and passion for her craft make her an invaluable member of the Hudson's Edge team, contributing significantly to the success of each event they cater.


Love Notes

Hands Down - The Best!

If you are on the fence about your choice in catering services, be sure you look at Hudson's...hands down the best choice! Food is amazing, staff is incredible! There never was another choice for us!

Sallie C.



Perfect - Best Caterer Ever

Hudson's Edge Catered my rehearsal dinner and wedding. We had so many compliments on both meals, and they were delicious. Highly recommend the Chicken, it was the best I've ever had. The staff was kind and helpful. They thought of everything, couldn't have been more pleased.

Rachel S.



Highly Recommend!

We cannot thank Hudson's Edge Catering and Events enough! They were such a key component to creating such a wonderful wedding. We utilized this company for dinner and bartending. We got many compliments on how fantastic the food was. The bartenders had such high energy the entire evening, creating a great experience for our guests. Additionally, we took advantage of the Worry-Free Service Package. We were a little hesitant at first due to the price and our wedding budget, however, it was definitely worth it. They met with us several times prior to the wedding to ensure that they had all the details necessary. Our wedding day flowed so smoothly, and it was way less stressful to have someone to set-up and tear-down for us. Additionally, we had purchased our linens elsewhere but ended up with a tablecloth crisis 3 days before the wedding. Jessi, our day off coordinator, was fantastic in helping us locate tablecloths in time for the wedding. We highly recommend Hudson's Edge for all your wedding needs!

Sarah M.



Could not recommend Hudsons Edge enough!

Could not recommend Hudsons Edge enough! The people are great and so easy to work with. Christyn was extremely helpful throughout the whole process of planning and organizing our menu, linens, etc. Can’t beat the price! Our initial quote was thousands of dollars cheaper than anyone in the area. Most importantly.. the food was SO GOOD! From appetizers to the meal to our late night snacks everything was delicious. Everything on wedding day was just so as good if not way better than that what we had at the tasting. Thank you for everything Hudsons Edge!




By far the most amazing catered food I have ever had.

We booked Hudson’s Edge Catering for our wedding this past May and I could not have been more pleased. By far the most amazing catered food I have ever had. We were on a tight budget and they had so many options to choose from. Everyone at the wedding said how surprised they were by the quality of the food. They were also able to cater to my wife who is vegan.




... wow what an amazing job they did

The food is fantastic and the staff does a wonderful job. They catered a wedding tonight at Alum Creek and wow what an amazing job they did. I highly recommend them!




The Best "wedding food" Ever

From the moment that we attended a vendor event at Ivory Meadows and tasted your food, I was set on booking with you.  Your food, presentation,  and professionalism far exceeded other caterers.  Your team helped set up the room quickly when a weather change became and issue.  They were efficient and polite.   I had more than a few people tell me at the wedding that it was the best  "wedding food" they've ever had.  I can't say enough about how easy it was to work with Christyn , and our coordinator the day of the wedding was amazing as well.  You are doing a great job and I've already told several people about you.  Thank you for taking the stress of catering out of our wedding! We were so thankful for all you did to make the day special.

Suzanne Booher


Mother of the Bride

Curbside Market

In support of our local community, Hudson’s Edge proudly offers a unique and satisfying dining experience in the comfort of your home with a carry-out menu of take & bake and fresh items that we open up for the Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter holidays.


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