April 26, 2024

Sweet Treats: 2024 Wedding Dessert Trends in Columbus


As the wedding industry constantly evolves, so do the trends that shape the big day. In 2024, couples in Columbus are embracing innovative and delicious ways to sweeten their celebrations. From nostalgic treats to personalized indulgences, the dessert scene is undergoing a delightful transformation. Let's explore the delectable trends of wedding desserts that are captivating couples' taste buds and discover how to infuse them into your Columbus wedding for a truly memorable experience.

Trend 1: Interactive Dessert Stations

Some may say – gone are the days of traditional dessert tables laden with cakes and pastries. Instead, couples are opting for interactive dessert stations that engage guests and elevate the culinary experience. Imagine a make-your-own sundae bar with an array of toppings or a gourmet s'mores station complete with artisanal chocolates and flavored marshmallows. These interactive setups not only satisfy sweet cravings but also create memorable and unique moments for guests to enjoy.

Photo 1: Heather J Photography

? Question: How can couples ensure that their interactive dessert stations flow smoothly throughout the event without causing congestion?

Plan your dessert station to be open a little later in the evening, maybe after a cake cutting.  Organize the table to follow any steps in the DIY process.  Think: scoops of ice cream, then toppings, then sauces and whipped cream.  That way there’s a natural flow to the assembly.  

For a s’mores bar, make sure you provide a handful of skewers and either have the fire pit ready to go, or use the small sternos to allow multiple guests to toast marshmallows at the same time.

🌟Pro tip: Ask your DJ to make an announcement (or two!) that the station is open.  This will ensure that the station doesn’t go unnoticed and wasted.  At that hour, guests should be drinking and dancing the night away, so they’ll need a heads up about desserts being ready and available. 

Trend 2: Mini Dessert Displays

Miniature desserts are making a big impact at weddings in 2024. From bite-sized cupcakes to petite tarts and macarons, these dainty treats offer guests a taste of everything without overwhelming their palates. Couples can create stunning displays featuring an assortment of mini desserts, allowing guests to sample a variety of flavors and textures. Plus, these miniature delights double as charming decor elements, adding visual appeal to the dessert table.

Question: What are some creative ways couples can incorporate their wedding theme or colors into their mini dessert displays?  Here are some examples of mini dessert displays we’ve had the pleasure of providing to get the ideas flowing:

Kelsey Walne Photography

Plus, we simply could not share so much deliciousness without giving a huge shout out to our in-house pastry chef, Kay who is responsible for baking her heart out to create these mini specialties.  She’s truly fantastic and makes all of our desserts from scratch.  Plus, she loves when couples will ask for desserts to match their wedding colors or theme and flavor.  Her creativity truly shines!

Check out our dessert menu here.

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Trend 3: Elevated Comfort Classics

Nostalgic desserts with a modern twist are all the rage in 2024. Couples are infusing classic comfort treats with gourmet ingredients and innovative presentations to create unforgettable indulgences. Think gourmet doughnuts with artisanal glazes, upscale versions of childhood favorites like rice crispy treats or cookie dough truffles, and sophisticated takes on classic pies and cobblers. These elevated comfort classics evoke a sense of nostalgia while offering a sophisticated culinary experience for wedding guests.

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Couples can strike the perfect balance between nostalgic charm and upscale elegance when incorporating elevated comfort classics into their dessert offerings.  A cotton candy cart from Cotton Sugar Co. or ice cream truck are such fun when they show up at your reception!

Trend 4: Personalized Sweet Treats

Personalization is a new favorite component when it comes to wedding desserts in 2024. Couples are opting for custom treats that reflect their personalities, love story, and wedding theme. From monogrammed cookies to custom-designed cakes and hand-painted chocolates, these personalized sweet treats add a special touch to the dessert table. Couples can work with their caterer to create bespoke desserts that speak to their unique style and vision, ensuring that every bite is infused with love and meaning.

Incorporating Trends into Your Columbus Wedding:

Now that we know the delicious dessert trends of 2024, let's chat about how couples in Columbus can incorporate these trends into their wedding day:

1. Collaborate with a Local Bakery:

Partner with a Columbus-based bakery or pastry chef who specializes in crafting innovative and delicious desserts. Work closely with them to design a dessert menu that reflects your vision and incorporates the latest trends.  We personally love working with Sadie Baby Sweets.  Her desserts are just as delicious as they are gorgeous!  

2. Create a Dessert Experience:

Transform your dessert table into an interactive experience by incorporating DIY stations, mini dessert displays, and personalized treats. Encourage guests to indulge their sweet tooth and create unforgettable memories.  Many of these treats can be found by asking your wedding caterer!

3. Showcase Local Flavors:

Celebrate the flavors of Columbus by incorporating locally sourced ingredients and regional specialties into your wedding desserts. From locally made chocolates to artisanal ice cream, showcasing local flavors adds a unique touch to your sweet offerings.  Think: Jeni’s Ice Cream, the classic Buckeye chocolates and other area favorites!

4. Think Outside the Cake:

While wedding cakes will always be a classic choice, don't be afraid to think outside the cake box. Consider alternative dessert options such as funky cupcakes, doughnut walls, dessert bars, or even food truck desserts for a fun and unexpected twist.  

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2024 is shaping up to be a sweet year for weddings in Columbus, with couples embracing innovative dessert trends to create memorable and delicious celebrations. Whether you're craving interactive dessert stations, miniature sweet treats, elevated comfort classics, or personalized indulgences, there's something to satisfy every sweet tooth. By incorporating these trends into your wedding day, you'll create an unforgettable culinary experience that delights your guests and leaves them craving more.

Cheers to love, laughter, and sweet delights!






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