January 6, 2022

Making Appetizers Fun

Happy New Year! We at Hudson’s Edge Catering are in full swing planning for this year’s wedding season and we know that a lot of you are too. This is the time of year that many couples are spending their time cruising Pinterest, trying on dresses, pouring over flower options, building guest lists and working on getting all of their perfect wedding details put together to plan an amazing day for themselves and their guests. 

Amidst all those decisions, don’t forget to plan a stellar menu for you and your guests to enjoy on your big day. We are spending our time talking to brides and grooms about what fun and delicious foods they want to serve their guests to make their day really special. From appetizers to dinner to desserts and even some late night snacks, your guests can enjoy amazing treats while they celebrate the new couple.

Something we especially love is serving up delicious appetizers in beautiful, fun displays that will really wow your guests. One of our favorite fun trends for cocktail hour is having ready-made individual servings of all kinds of delicious bites that are easy for your guests to grab as they catch up with friends, find their seats, or head to the bar. There are so many common appetizers that can be turned into fun little treats for your guests to enjoy. In place of a standard veggie or fruit tray, you get cute, easy little cups of snacks for your guests to grab and munch. Ordinary shrimp cocktail or cheese & crackers get a makeover in fun “shooter” cups. Your guests will love having a variety of handheld appetizers to choose from  as they enjoy cocktail hour. 

Some other tasty grab-and-go appetizer ideas that you and your guests will love are Tomato Caprese Skewers, Mini Chicken & Waffle Bites, Charcuterie Cones, Crostini Bites of all kinds, and Candied Bacon Skewers (our personal favorite). These are an original handheld creation and our guests are loving them – a little sweet, a little salty and 100% delicious, ready to grab and enjoy.  

Just remember, wedding food does not have to be the same old boring thing. There’s no reason that your wedding food shouldn’t be both delicious and fun. Happy planning! 

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In support of our local community, Hudson’s Edge proudly offers a unique and satisfying dining experience in the comfort of your home with a weekly carry-out menu of take & bake and fresh items.


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