February 14, 2022

How to take the worry out of your wedding day

Are you wishing for a worry-free wedding day? Who wouldn’t? Even if you are on top of planning every little detail, there’s always going to be something that pops up at the last minute to change the plans. Whether it’s unexpected weather, a flower girl loses her basket, the baker gets stuck in traffic, or a few extra seats are needed for those guests who did not RSVP and decided to show up anyway. There’s always something that can cause some last minute stress. So, here’s our big secret for the couple and their families to deal with these last-minute stressors without feeling the stress: have someone else to handle it. A wedding coordinator on your big day is your very best resource for taking all the stress out of your day. A coordinator is there to deal with all those little details and solve problems so that you can relax and enjoy your day. Hudson’s Edge not only provides flawless wedding catering, but also has experienced coordinators who can help take the stress out of your wedding day. 

“But I don’t need a wedding planner. I already made all the plans.” 

A coordinator is different from a wedding planner. Your coordinator doesn’t make the plans for you, instead she takes the plans that you have lovingly made and puts them into action. She will have ideas and suggestions if you need them, but mostly she’s there to turn your wedding vision into reality, while you and your family relax, enjoy your day, and focus on making great memories. 

“So, what does a wedding coordinator do exactly?”

With a Hudson’s Edge “Finishing Touches” coordination package, you will have a coordinator to work with you to get your final details together, to help your rehearsal run smoothly and be there from start to finish on your wedding day. 

Ahead of your wedding day, your coordinator will:

On your wedding day, your coordinator will:

“That sounds great, but what if I actually need some help planning?”

You are in luck! Hudson’s Edge also offers a “Happily Ever After” full service coordination package. With this service, your coordinator will work with you through the whole planning process. In addition to all of those “finishing touches” details, she will talk and meet with you frequently and send you checklists to make sure your planning stays on track. She will offer suggestions and help searching for the perfect vendors for your event. She will visit your venue with you to make sure you have the perfect layout planned and coordinate with your vendors to create your timeline. Your coordinator will be there to bounce ideas off of and give advice throughout the whole process of planning your wedding.

“Why should I choose a Hudson’s Edge coordinator?”

When you book a wedding coordinator through Hudson’s Edge you are getting an experienced coordinator with the Hudson’s Edge team at her fingertips. Our catering staff work seamlessly together with our coordinators to make sure that your wedding goes smoothly. Having a coordinator who knows your catering team and works with them regularly means that she can easily direct them on your timeline, room layout, and perfect table setup. Having this one person who knows all of the details of your wedding day means that the stress of coordinating those details is removed from you and your family members. That means you get to enjoy your worry-free wedding day. 

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