March 8, 2022

Choosing Your Wedding Catering Service Style

Choosing just the right dinner for your wedding reception may have you pouring over entrée options, selecting side dishes, contemplating the perfect salad and drooling over desserts, but you may not have spent much time thinking about how all those tasty selections would be best served to your guests. Do you want a top class formal dining experience for your friends and family or more of a relaxed vibe to your wedding reception? Or maybe you’d like to make your wedding dinner a fun, interactive event to get your guests mingling? Hudson’s Edge Catering can work with you to create whatever dining experience works for your wedding style and your budget. Here you will find a guide to the different food service options that we offer and the great news is that we can nearly always make any of these options work no matter the location or type of wedding reception venue you have chosen in the Columbus or greater central Ohio area! Our goal is to give you and your guests the best catering experience on your wedding day. 

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Buffet Style

A buffet is the most popular style of food service for a wedding reception. With a Hudson’s Edge catered buffet, our friendly staff will help serve your guests as they select from the delicious offerings you have chosen. One of the benefits of a buffet is that our staff is right there to answer questions about allergies or food preferences right as the food is being served. We always make an effort to make the buffet table match the style and décor of your event so that it blends right into the beautiful wedding reception you have created. A buffet is also a great affordable option because there is no additional charge for this style of service. 


Station Style

A fun take on a buffet service is to set up different stations around the reception room for your guests to try. This is perfect for the couple who maybe loves tacos, but also wants to offer pasta, barbecue, or a more traditional beef or chicken option. What’s great about this catering style is that your wedding guests can mingle around as they check out the different options.  There is often less waiting in line than a traditional buffet, because the options are spread out around the room. Each station will still have a friendly Hudson’s Edge staff member to serve the food and answer questions. Guests really enjoy some of the fun options that can be provided with a station style meal. 

Family Style

Serving a family style meal for your wedding receptions creates a cozy atmosphere for your event. For an additional service fee, our catering team will serve up your selection of entrees and side dishes right to each table in classic serving bowls and platters, getting the meals out to your guests quickly. The guests at each table will then pass the dishes and serve themselves like a family meal, because we really are all like family on this special occasion. One consideration for this service style is making sure to leave space in your table décor for the serving dishes, so that your guests aren’t too crowded during their meal. We find that guests really enjoy staying seated and interacting with the friends, old and new, at their table during their delicious family style meal. 




Plated Style

Finally, we will talk about a plated style meal. For an additional service fee, our friendly and efficient staff will deliver individually plated salads, dinners and even desserts, if you choose, to your guests at their tables. This catering style will give your wedding guests a top class restaurant experience for their meal. You can give your guests a selection of entrées to choose from ahead of time and then their chosen meals will be plated and served individually while they remain seated. This option is great if you are looking to create a high class event for your wedding reception guests. We can also offer different meal options for guests with dietary requirements, such as vegetarian, vegan, or allergen-free meals. 

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The choice is yours.

You’ll find that whatever service style you chose for your wedding catering, that Hudson’s Edge catering will provide top notch service, delicious food, and a friendly atmosphere for your guests. We love to work with you to create the best wedding food experience in the Columbus, Ohio area at an affordable price, so that you can relax and enjoy a great meal and an amazing day with your friends and family. Happy planning!

Curbside Market

In support of our local community, Hudson’s Edge proudly offers a unique and satisfying dining experience in the comfort of your home with a carry-out menu of take & bake and fresh items that we open up for the Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter holidays.


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