February 12, 2024

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Caterer in Columbus

Planning a wedding can be both thrilling and overwhelming, with countless decisions to make and details to consider. One crucial aspect that can significantly impact the overall experience for you and your guests is the choice of a wedding caterer. Columbus, Ohio, offers a plethora of catering options, making it essential to navigate through the possibilities to find the perfect fit for your special day. In this blog, we'll walk you through key considerations when selecting a wedding caterer and provide a helpful timeline to ensure a stress-free decision-making process.

Understanding Your Vision:

Before diving into the sea of catering options, take some time to define your wedding vision. What style are you aiming for – casual, formal, or somewhere in between? Do you have a specific theme or cuisine in mind? Understanding your preferences will help you narrow down caterers that align with your vision and ensure a cohesive experience for you and your guests.

Setting a Budget:

Determining your budget early on is crucial to avoid overspending and unnecessary stress. What is your overall budget for catering services? Don't forget to consider additional costs such as service fees, gratuities, vendor meals and any special dietary requirements. Having a clear budget in mind will help you filter out options that are not financially viable, saving you time and effort during the selection process.

Researching Caterers:

Columbus boasts a diverse culinary scene, so researching potential caterers is a key step in finding the right fit. Begin by seeking recommendations from friends, family, or your wedding planner. Online reviews and testimonials can also provide valuable insights into a caterer's reputation.

The Knot is a great place to evaluate several caterers all at once.  Their profiles will share their $$ budget range and also is nice to see client reviews right on their page.  

Check out ours as an example: https://www.theknot.com/marketplace/hudsons-edge-catering-and-events-llc-london-oh-2050233 

When researching, consider the following questions:

🌟Pro Tip: most venues will offer a list of preferred caterers as part of their services to you. Luckily, this means they have vetted several catering options on your behalf and are giving you a short list to start with. This also means that those caterers are familiar with the venue’s space and have been there plenty before to ensure good communication between both the venue and caterer and next-level team effort on wedding day!

Tastings and Menu Selection:

Once you've narrowed down your list, schedule tastings with your top choices, when possible. This allows you to experience the quality of their food and get a feel for their presentation. During the tastings, consider the following questions:

Consider this: Sometimes it’s difficult to perfectly line up the availability for tastings in the timeframe you need to make a decision to secure your preferred caterer. If you know the style of food you’re looking for, sometimes it’s not always necessary to have a tasting before you book. If the budget fits and the menu style is what you’re looking for, you should feel comfortable booking. The tasting can be the added bonus to trying menu items you already know you’re going to like and from there you’ll only maybe need to consider a few tweaks to the menu based on your absolute favorites.

Timeline for Decision Making:

12-15 Months Before the Wedding:

9-12 Months Before the Wedding:

4-6 Months Before the Wedding:

3 Months Before the Wedding:

1 Month Before the Wedding:

🌟Pro tip: If you have a caterer you’re set on working with, or a date in a popular wedding month (May, June, September, October) stay ahead on this timeline.  Some couples book their caterer 12-15 months before the big day (and before they have a formal tasting) so they can check it off their list and make sure they get the vendor and date they want.

By following this comprehensive guide and adhering to the suggested timeline, you'll be well on your way to securing the perfect wedding caterer for your Columbus celebration. Remember, careful planning and thoughtful consideration will contribute to a seamless and memorable dining experience for you and your guests on your special day. 

Cheers to a delicious celebration!

Featuring: The Miller Wedding 

Venue: Magnolia Hill Farm 

Photographer: Brookmade Photography

Caterer: Hudson’s Edge Catering & Events

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