Wedding Menu

Love is not only in the air but also in the food! Planning a wedding reception menu can be stressful but our team is here to help. Drink, dine, and laugh with the company of your friends and family. Create your menu exactly how you want it for your wedding party. Match your menu to the style of the love you both share. All of our wedding menus can be fully personalized. We are excited to create your stunning menu and help be a part of your special day.

Not sure where to start? First decide how you would like to serve your guest during your reception

Buffet Offering

The most common way to serve your selections. Allow guests to pick and choose what they wish to enjoy the day of your wedding reception. Don't stress over trying to figure out which protein each guest will want as all of our buffets are setup for all items to be enjoyed by all guests. Pricing shown on the menu is the price per guest for buffet offering.

Family Style Offering

Keep things cool and have the “buffet” brought to the table. Your menu selections would be placed in family style dishes and served family passed style on the guest table. This is a wonderful way to keep guests seated during your reception dinner. If you think you'd like to go this route, always remember the size of your table, centerpiece, and table head count are all factors into the equation in terms of logistics for a family style meal. The price for family style offerings is $6.00 per person. This is a base fee added to your menu selections listed. The price covers the rental and usage of large family style platters needed and extra staff needed to help clear & serve all your guests.

Plated Table Meal

If you are trying to impress your guests, then we may suggest a plated meal. Plated meals are stunning and make your guests feel like a VIP. If you plan to serve more than one entrée option, then a detailed seating chart is required from the client. The seating chart must contain the guests selected food option. You may need to send out entrée options for your guests to choose on the invitations. A detailed guest count with entrée options is required. A minimum service package of #4 or higher is required to have a plated event. An $8.00 fee per guest is added to your meal selections. The fee covers all the logistics for a plated meal, as countless hours and staff have to go into planning and executing the event.

Curbside Market

In support of our local community, Hudson’s Edge proudly offers a unique and satisfying dining experience in the comfort of your home with a carry-out menu of take & bake and fresh items that we open up for the Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter holidays.


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